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Sugar Land, TX


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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Harhash made a believer out of me regarding no pain during the root canal procedure. He promised me there would be no pain and to trust him. He was absolutely correct and calmed my fears and nervousness. He is an excellent endodontic and I will refer him to my family and friends. Thank you Dr. Harhash!

W Landry

Thank you Dr Harhash and staff for a very positive, painless and highly professional experience.


Before the root canal procedure I was very nervous, Dr.Ashraf Harhash and his staff made me feel very relaxed and comfortable, the entire procedure was pain free; I will always recommend him to all of my family and friends.

M. Jones

I must say that Dr. Harhash and staff were great, from the first visit to the next it was a pleasure experience. Dr was very knowledgeable and made me feel feel quite at ease with the whole process. I most certainly would recommend Dr and staff.

Denise W.

I had an awesome experience with Dr. Harhash and his staff. pain free visit. I am very happy with my treatment.


I was in the most terrible pain you could possibly think of so I called my dentist and they referred me here. The service was very excellent and they made me feel right at home. Dr. Harhash did a wonderful Job numbing my tooth that I did not feel anything the whole procedure. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who has to get a root canal done!

Brandy Jackson

I came in didn't know what to expect other than PAIN but I was a fool there was no pain the Dr was the BEST it was as if he was caring for a baby. THIS DENTIST ROCKS, THE BEST!!!!

Tamara Asberry

Great experience! Root canal is not my favorite activity ... But dr Ashraf made it quick and painless. The support staff is also friendly and understanding. Would strongly recommend !!


I had an excellent experience with Dr. Harhash. Before the procedure, he gave me plenty of time to explain the procedure, make me comfortable and answers all the questions/concerns I had. During the procedure, he's very efficient and professional. On top of that, his staff is very professional and friendly. I've never experienced any pain during or after the procedure. I would definitely recommend Dr. Harhash to all my friends and family members!

T. Ali

great experience

maria guevara

Dr. Harhash and his staff were extremely friendly and made me feel as comfortable as they could, considering I was very nervous and in Pain. The procedure was fast and went way better then I could have imagined. THank you!


I was referred here for a root canal and was very nervous. Dr. Harhash and his staff make me feel very comfortable and never felt any pain during and after the procedure. I would definitely referral someone else to go here. Thank you!

Stephanie S.

Took Jazzy to Sugar Creek Endodontics dental for root canal. The staff was very courteous and polite. Dr. Harhash is the best talked Jazzy through the procedure, erased all her fears. I would highly recommend Dr. Harhash and his staff.

Wanda Magee

Dr. Harhash's staff were very professional. Each person greeted me with a smile and told me their name. Dr. Harhash was kind spoken and explained the root canal procedure thoroughly. It took a just about an hour to do the root canal and the entire procedure was pain free and now I am without any tooth pain. And the music playing in the office is great, too. Thank-you to Dr. Harhash and his team.

William Swanson

doctor and staff are very nice. I was very anxious at first but they helped me feel better. the entire root canal procedure was pain free. thanks.


Dr. Harhash and his staff were very friendly.My son had a great experience and pain free. Thank You.


Prior to the root canal procedure I was extremely nervousthe entire procedure was pain free and I will recommend him to my family and friends. This was a better experience than going to my regular dentist.

D Collins

As enjoyable as a dentist visit for a root canal could be. Friendly, helpful staff. Best part very little pain.

D Holubik

What a great experience for a root canal! Dr Harhash was awesome as well as his staff. Pain free and fast!! Thank you.

M Hambaugh

Dr Harhash and his staff were great. Very compasionate and profesional. I had no pain during the procedure nor afterwards! Wow! I would highly recommend.

M. H.

I must say that is the best doctor, staff I have ever been to. I am 58. Fast , open at my time of day, 7 am and all the way round, I liked the office with windows, class act... top notch

john trimble

My entire experience in Dr. Harhash's office was excellent. I very much enjoyed the online check in. Upon my arrival everybody was ready for my procedure that started immediately. The procedure was painless and I recovered in no time. I can most def. recommend D. Harhash.

M. Kaemerow

The word Root Canal doesn't scare me anymore! I would highly recommend Dr Harhash and his staff to anyone out there who needs to get their Root Canal procedure.

Shehenaz M.

Having a root canal is never fun, but I can honestly say this was the best experience I have had. Dr. Harhash and his staff were great. They made me feel comfortable and made me laugh during the procedure, which is something I never thought could happen in the middle of a root canal. I highly recommend him to anyone who is in need.

Sabrina C.

Wonderful service. Very kind. Make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I would go there again. I was referred by my dentist. They explained everything and always asked me if I had any questions.


I went in for a root canal today and found the Doctor and office staff to be very friendly and professional. Thank you

Layla Misgina

It was truly an experience to remember, how many people can say that about their dentist appt? I must truly say Dr. Harhash and the entire staff was wonderful and surely made my root canal painless!! Thanks for the great chair side manners and funny jokes, really took my mind off those needles. This lion didn't have to


So far so good they treated me good I liked the personnel, they were nice all the time... good dentist


I was referred to Dr. harhash for a root canal and this was one of the best refersls I've ever recieved. The dr. & staff Made the process of a root canal seem effortless believe it or not. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.


Dr. Harhash was recommended to me by my dentist for root canal analysis and eventual treatment that turned out to be 100% pain-free ... no after effects either! I highly recommend Dr. Harhash and his staff for their expertise, friendliness and professionalism.

Joe DeCarlo

I had a wonderful experience at Sugar Creek Endodonticcs. Dr Harhash and his saff are very patient and undersanding of the needs of ohers.

Carolyn L. White

I was beyond nervous when I went in to have my root canal done! I had already tried to have the procedure done twice before with another dentist who could not get my back tooth numb. Dr. Harhash was very patient & understanding of my concern and most of all he was confident that he could get me numb so that root canal could be done without pain. He did his best to help me relax and promised that he would give me as many shots as necessary to numb the area and that's exactly what happened! His staff was also very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Harhash and his entire office to anyone needing to have a root canal done! It's not fun, but they made it as tolerable as possible.

Shanda Kearns

Dr. Harhash and staff were great, from the first visit to the next it was a pleasure experience. Dr was very knowledgeable and made me feel feel quite at ease with the whole process. I most certainly would recommend Dr and staff


Dr. Harhash ROCKS!! He is a very kind person and excellent professional. My root canal procedure was painless & quick. I was very lucky to have my root canal done by Dr Harhash. The staff is super friendly & understanding. Love the music playing in the office. Thank you Dr. Harhash!

Janeth Montalvo

I would recommend Dr. Harhash and his staff. He did a great job with my root canal.


Thank you Dr. Harhash and staff for a great experience at Sugar Creek Endodonticcs. I will be sure to come back again if needed.

Kate G

Dr. Harhash, Miros, Dolores, they are amazing. from the moment you walk in, Dolores greets you with her wonderful, warm personality, then Miros is calming and caring. Dr. Harhash works quietly and diligently. Thank you for the great treatment. I will recommend them to all friends and family. Thank you!!

S. Schewe

Amazing staff and a wonderful doctor. I had a painless experience with my root canal was expecting lots of pain but had no pain at all . Do recommend to others . Excellent service overall.

Sarwat Rehan

Dr Harhash was recommended by a family friend who also happens to be a pediatric dentist in the Houston area - Dr. Faisal Khan. I had an issue recently with a cracked molar and Faisal asked me to go to Dr Harhash for the root canal rather my regular dentist. I already had a temporary crown on the tooth for 12 days and the pain was simply not going away. With Ramadan starting in two days, Dr Harhash's office was able to accommodate me at very short notice. The procedure was quite painless and every thing is looking good so far.

Omar H

I was nervous about my root canal but both Dr. Harhash and his assistant made me feel very comfortable. The entire experience was very quick and as good as I can imagine a root canal can be.


Great service with a friendly and professional staff.The procedure was painless and Dr.H made me most comfortable.

Crystal G

What more can i say? The dreaded words root canal. Sounds scary but after getting my first and hopefully my last root canal done here at this office, scary is far from the case. The actual outcome was relaxing, painless,surprising,and amazing! Thanks Doc.

Jerome Ervin